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Cathar Castles

Cathar Castles
Châteaux de Lastours – 11600 LASTOURS: 
Cabaret, Surdespine, Quertinheux and Tour Régine are the 4 castles that dominate this remarkable site of the Black Mountain, and played a key role during the Crusade against the cathars.
For the one who walk the most they can access them from the heart of the village by the old factory Rabier, for the others they can enjoy the show from the lookout of Montfermier
Château de Saissac – 11310 SAISSAC: 
Offering wonderful views of the Pyrenees, the Castle of Saissac stands at the bottom of the village, on the edge of a large ravine.
In the middle Ages, lords, close to viscounts of Carcassonne, ensure the protection of troubadours and Cathars.
Today, despite the majority of ruins, remain two rooms that have been restored in order to make you discover the Treasure of Saissac.

Château d'Arques – 11190 ARQUES : 
Its golden stone and its imposing tower 25 meters high make it a major piece of Gothic architecture.
Now restored, it reflects the experience of the medieval times. Surrounded by a forest, with a lake at his feet, he invites to a relaxing walk.

Château de Puilaurens – 11140 PUILAURENS  :
Situated at almost 700m high, Puilaurens was built in a strategic location in the middle of pine forests and was part of the “Five son of Carcassonne”.
A first room shows the dungeon and the Tower of the White Lady, the rest was built with lots of bends, making the access difficult during the attacks.
This castle has welcomed many personalities clandestinely during the Cathar crusade.
Château de Puivert – 11230 PUIVERT:
The castle of Puivert is probably the best preserved of the XIV century. From this location you can feel a peaceful atmosphere; it was once the favorite meeting place of the troubadours. The Cathars were protected there until the conquest of the castle by Simon de Montfort in 1210.
The dungeon, which counts several vaulted rooms, including the one of Musicians, reflects the refinement given to the decoration at that time. You can discover the museum dedicated to medieval music, the Quercob Museum in the village.
Château d'Aguilar - 11350 TUCHAN  : 
At the top of the mountain, it offers a wonderful view over the wine landscape of The Haut Fitou. The highest enclosure is the oldest and dates from the XII century. The castle was active until 1659 and was one of the "Five son of Carcassonne ".
Château de Peyrepertuse – 11350 DUILHAC /S PEYREPERTUSE : 
A huge fortress overlooking the southern Corbières, the size of the construction makes it the largest group of medieval architecture of the Languedoc. Located at the top of the mountain, the castle has 3 enclose rooms and extends itself over more than one hectare. He is one of the "Five son of Carcassonne ". Do not miss, each year the largest medieval festival in the South of France.
Château de Quéribus – 11350 QUERIBUS : 
What is special about this castle it is its polygonal tower, Gothic, from which one we can discover amazing panoramas of the Pyrenees, the Mediterranean as well as the Roussillon plain and Corbières. This royal fortress is one of the "Five son of Carcassonne» and hosted many Cathars, until 1255 when she fell to the Crusaders hands.
Château de Termes – 11330 TERMES: 
This is one of the "Five son of Carcassonne" which, despite the state of ruins, has managed to resist for nearly four months attacking by Simon de Monfort during the crusade.
Situated on a protected site, the castle still dominates the top of the hill and offers an impressive escape in the heart of the Hautes Corbières
Château de Villerouge-Termenès – 11330 VILLEROUGE TERMENES
Close to the vineyards of Corbières, located in the heart of the medieval village, the castle and its four huge towers ask for respect.
A trip to the Middle Ages awaits you during an audiovisual tour entitled "The World of Guilhem Belibaste, last Perfect Cathar" and if you wish, a gourmet break at the Rotisserie Medieval .